A regular car crash involves two or three vehicles, and dealing with the accident claim is easy. However, multiple vehicle accidents involve more than three vehicles, and the additional number of potentially liable parties complicates the case and compensation process. However, it is still possible to navigate these claims and get a settlement with the help of a lawyer. Here are some guidelines to help you deal with a multiple-vehicle claim.

Determining Fault Could Be Complicated

It is harder to determine who is liable when an accident involves many vehicles. Further, it is rarely easy to ascertain the root of a collision and the number of careless drivers involved. Also, insurance firms and reckless drivers are likely to place the blame elsewhere. Hence, after ensuring they meet everyone's medical needs, police take testimony from drivers and witnesses to determine who gets cited for traffic violations. At this stage, you should consult a car accident attorney for help. Alternatively, you can seek legal help as a group of victims since consolidating all the information from different lawyers means the case will take more time than usual.

The Case Investigation Might Continue for Months

When three or more automobiles get involved in an accident, it's crucial to dig deep into what happened. Mostly, investigators will look at police reports and any physical evidence found at the crash scene. Further, lawyers sometimes employ private investigators to check the reliability of eyewitness and driver statements. In addition, they go to the crash site, film and photograph it, and then attempt to reconstruct what happened there by analyzing the skid marks, the location, the weather, the time of day, and other relevant factors. Given all these crucial steps, the case might take months before you can get a settlement.

The Cases Lead to More Injuries and Fatalities

More people risk being hurt or killed when an accident involves many vehicles. Since highways around major cities have cars traveling at various speeds, it only takes one person making a mistake to start a domino effect of automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes careening out of control. When this happens, the resulting collision increases the risk of property loss, bodily harm, and even death. More so, waiting for everyone to get medical care and file their claims takes time, which increases the overall case timeline.

These are some considerations to remember when handling a case that involves multiple motor vehicles. For help with your case, contact a car accident lawyer to represent you when resolving a case of this complexity. They can help you gather the evidence needed and follow through the seemingly complex proceedings. With their help, you will get the amount you deserve in compensation for your injuries and property damage.