Sometimes, car accidents are cut and dry. Other times, it's a bit harder to tell who actually caused the accident, often because emotions and confusion get in the way. After all, an accident is usually a traumatic and unsettling experience.

If you are ever unsure about who was at fault when a car accident occurs, do your best to keep calm and try to go over the facts and the common indicators of fault.

Reports from Those Involved

Police are typically called to the scene following an auto accident warner. Once on the scene, law enforcement officers will do their best to gather statements from everyone involved in the accident, as well as any people who may have witnessed the incident.

Remember that anything you say in this report could work against you should the case go to court or should the matter of who is at fault be debated.

Thus, unless you are totally sure of what happened, do not give a statement. Also, always ask for a copy of the incident report so that you have a clear idea of what was recorded and what may be brought up when legally determining fault.

Photographs and Videos

In addition to using accident reports to determine fault, photos and/or videos can also come in handy.

For this reason, even if you're not sure exactly what happened, use your phone or other device to take photos of the accident. Take pictures of the scene, as well as close-ups of any damage incurred to either vehicle or individual.

When possible, you may also want to take video evidence. You may even wish to video parties giving their statements or witness reports. All of this could potentially prove useful in determining fault.

Traffic Citations

Sometimes, when the police arrive to the scene of an accident, they may issue tickets to one or both drivers. These tickets might be issued for things like speeding, driving under the influence, texting while driving, or a variety of other infractions.

It is vital that you make note of who received what tickets, ideally taking photos of the tickets when possible. At the very least, you should ensure that all issued citations are included on the police report.

These tickets can prove very useful when it comes to showing who caused the accident.

Fault can be a tricky thing to determine. But, ultimately, the more evidence you gather, the easier it will be to arrive at an accurate answer and to potentially seek justice when needed.