An auto accident can be both traumatizing and frightening. Chances are that the situation will make you very emotional, and you could make a mistake that will prevent you from receiving a personal injury settlement. That is why you need to avoid making these 3 costly mistakes.

Making A Statement While At The Accident Scene

Insurance companies do not take auto accident claims lightly, and will try to find a way to avoid paying whenever possible. Any statement that you make at the scene of the auto accident can be used against you by the insurance company. You may be pressured to tell an officer what you think happened, but your recollection of the events may not be accurate.

You are better off making an official statement later when you are in a better state of mind. Another driver may claim responsibility for the accident as well, taking all blame off you.

Not Getting Immediate Medical Treatment

You may not believe that you were badly injured in the accident, but you should still see a doctor immediately to get evaluated after the accident. An auto accident can cause damage that you may not immediately realize happened to you, such as an infection due to cuts.

If you refuse to seek medical treatment, it may be viewed that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant a medical evaluation. Seeking treatment at a later date could also imply that the injury happened elsewhere instead of from the auto accident.

Be sure to get any additional testing that is ordered by your doctor, because you definitely want the full extent of your injuries documented by a medical professional. It is the only way that you can receive a settlement for your injuries in a personal injury lawsuit against the person that caused the accident.

Lying About Previous Injuries

On the flip side, sometimes a victims will use the auto accident as a way to claim previous injuries as part of the accident. This may include something such as an existing neck injury that they try to pass off as whiplash.

You should be completely honest about any injuries that you had prior to the auto accident. If it is discovered that these injuries were pre-existing, it could completely discredit any statements you make about the accident. You may find yourself unable to receive any compensation related to your new injuries because of this.

Now that you are aware of some mistakes you may make after an auto accident, you will be able to take the necessary steps to avoid making them and receive the compensation you deserve. Talk to a personal injury lawyer or visit this go to site to learn more.