The only thing more exciting than planning a relaxing cruise line vacation is actually getting on the ship, putting your bags in your stateroom, and actually starting the exciting adventure ahead. The moment you step on board, you can let go of the stresses of everyday life, worries about work at the office, and even common daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning-- everything will be taken care of for you. Unfortunately, some individuals depart on the cruise of their dreams only to experience a sickness, injury, or illness at no fault of their own. If you've recently experienced an event within the realm of personal injury that you believe was a result of the cruise line itself, it may be time to contact an attorney:

Qualifying Injuries on a Ship

Since most cruise ships are traveling on the open ocean, it's understandable that caution must be exercised to avoid stumbling, tripping, or falling while on board during choppier moments. Although the cruise liner is large and shouldn't react to waves as suddenly or violently as a small boat would, it can at times create strange walking conditions for those who have yet to get their sea legs. Since it's their primary means of business, the cruise line should keep this in mind and plan accordingly — making sure that hallways are clear of obstacles and guests are free to safety move about the ship.

If you were injured on a cruise ship due to the carelessness of the cruise line, you're legally allowed to pursue a case against them in court. For example, if you trip and fall (suffering an injury) due to a cord across your path or a wet floor that was left unmarked, you should contact an attorney and pursue a personal injury case.

Negligent Illnesses

It's possible to get sick anywhere on planet Earth, of course — so what's the difference between a normal illness and the kind of sickness that constitutes negligence on the part of the cruise line? It would be impossible for the cruise director and his staff to screen every single person with a medical exam before boarding, so getting sick from another passenger is simply the risk you take when you decide to step onto the ship. Common illnesses contracted via a cruise, therefore, will not be entertained as negligence in a courtroom.

In the case where a cruise line is not doing their job correctly (leading to your sickness), you may be able to sue the parties responsible. In addition to food poisoning caused by disregard for food safety laws and rules, a judge may be interested in hearing your case if you have contracted a disease or illness as a result of provable cleanliness standards being disregarded. Keep in mind that a case of he-said-she-said is unlikely to get anywhere, so if you have legitimate proof that your illness was caused by the cruise line, consider talking about the specifics to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

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