When you file a disability claim, there are a lot of components you have to understand in order to properly navigate the process. As is the case with any new situation, the more you understand when you go into filing a disability claim, the better your chances are of meeting with success. If you don't feel like you understand the process as well as you would like to, or if you would just like to have some help, you can hire a disability lawyer to prepare and file your claim for you. 

The Time It Takes to File a Case

Filing for social security benefits is not a quick process. By the time your case moves through the whole process, it is likely that the social security offices will owe you backpay. It might also be the case that you wait to file your case, so you were actually eligible to receive benefits before you actually got around to filing. No matter how long it takes you to file or how long it takes the social security office to award you your benefits, you are entitled to receive benefits from the time you were first eligible. However, if you don't know to file for your backpay, you could miss out on this money. 

Lawyer Fees

Rather than pursue a disability claim on your own, you should hire someone who has experience with making claims. A disability lawyer should be familiar with the intricacies of disability cases, so they can advise you and help you get the benefits you deserve. Some people, however, are reluctant to hire a lawyer simply because they don't think they have money to pay lawyer fees. 

When you are filing a disability claim with the social security department, your lawyer only gets paid if your claim is successful. When lawyers do get paid, their fees come out of your backpay benefits. A judge will review the lawyer fees for your case to make sure that they meet the guidelines for disability cases, and then the lawyer will receive their pay directly from the social security department, so you never have to worry about coming up with the money to pay a lawyer. 

A disability case can be quite intricate and complex. You might think you have the smarts to navigate your way through a case, but you are usually better served to hire a lawyer, like someone from the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith, to make your claim for you. You should only benefit from the help provided by someone who has years of experience in filing disability claims.